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Origin of Life Scientist
Space Mission Designer
Cyberspace Pioneer 
Visionary Futurist

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Dr. Bruce Damer

can help your organization find it's Way to Genius.

Drawing from a lifetime of creative breakthroughs in technology, science and space, Dr. Bruce Damer brings uplifting keynotes to your event, powerful programs into your organization, and crucial guidance for your leadership.

He believes that each of us can find our own way to genius and that this can be learned and practiced to forward humanity’s most important missions.

Publications and Media

Dr. Damer works on one of science's greatest mysteries, the origin of life. His career has also taken him to space, with two decades of mission simulation and design for NASA and others. He is an expert in the history of computing and one of the earliest pioneers of the metaverse. Today he is drawing from all of his experience to offer a road map for organizations and individuals to unlock extraordinary states of creativity and land genius solutions for humanity.



From conference keynotes to corporate brainstorming, Dr. Bruce Damer can help you find and foster genius in your organization.