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Bruce Damer Speaking and Educational Programs

Overview of Programs

I am available to present keynote or plenary addresses, roundtables, panels and other conference sessions, and full and half day educational seminars and tutorials. My company, DigitalSpace Corporation also offers a full line of virtual world design services. I have extensive speaking, project brainstorming, and course instruction experience, providing numerous conference, and in-house corporate and university programs annually. Please feel free to contact me regarding your interest by contacting us via this form. Topic areas I can cover include:

All presentations include live on-line interaction (computer and network access permitting). If sufficent number of workstations is available in a tutorial setting, attendees will experience hands-on use of these environments and collaboratively build and communicate in excercises with each other and other virtual instructors brought in for the event. This type of tutorial is detailed at A half or full day Advanced Course at Avatar University.

  During these presentations, tours of virtual environments in cyberspace will be conducted, and we will meet inhabitants of these worlds. Some of the active projects being conducted by Bruce or his organizations will be visited, including:

Cyberspace becomes a Place
The rise of virtual worlds on the Internet

Abbreviated description for a shorter plenary or keynote session (half hour)

Since 1994, we have become accustomed to seeing the Cyberspace as a great sea of World Wide Web documents. However powerful the Web is, it may not be the ultimate interface to Cyberspace. More fantastic views of Cyberspace have been given to us by Hollywood or from fictional worlds like the Matrix in William Gibson's novel Neuromancer or the Metaverse in Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash. These visions portray Cyberspace as a labyrinth of interconnected virtual worlds inhabited in real time by millions of people represented as avatars. The coming of virtual worlds will represent a true paradigm shift for our on-line experiences, moving Cyberspace beyond a mere interface to becoming a place.

Overhead View of AlphaWorld cityscape constructed by its citizens
Click to see city

But is this a reality for some distant time in the 21st Century? Surprisingly, from 1995 to 1998 a variety of inhabited virtual worlds have appeared on the net with thousands of users colonizing and developing an enormous and sometimes innovative digital real estate. In this presentation, we will tour live into several on-line virtual worlds, meet and speak with their inhabitants. We will then take a grand tour of several purpose built areas which suggest the coming of a powerful new medium for collaboration, play and learning. For a preview of the material to be covered, please see or visit the Contact Consortium homepage at:

Our grand tour of worlds will take us to the following destinations in digital space:

The biologically inspired worlds of, a public terrarium in Cyberspace

Extended description for a longer session (60 to 90 minutes)

Cyberspace is about to become a real place! The PC has evolved into a capable real-time 3D platform and is now serving as a portal into large scale Internet hosted graphical virtual worlds inhabited by thousands of users represented as avatars. The rise of these true virtual spaces in Cyberspace moves us beyond the document metaphor of the Web, and the point to point broadcast model of email and videoconferencing. In these spaces, visitors experience a sense of place, create shared memory, leave persistent objects, and experiment with new forms of identity. These first virtual worlds may be a glimpse at the ultimate shape of Cyberspace. Despite their early state of development, they suggest the coming of a powerful new medium for collaboration, play and learning in the 21st Century. In this overview of the medium of virtual worlds, we will consider the applications and economics of the technology, the system and user interface architectural issues of constructing these spaces and the social craft of creating and sustaining the communities within them. We wiil then take a grand tour of worlds to the following destinations in digital space:

Features of the session

Who Should Attend This session should appeal to a wide audience, including

For a preview of some of the public virtual worlds, go through the Avatar Teleport on the Contact Consortium home page at

Technical Requirements for Presentations

Machine Specifications: The speaker can come with a fully loaded laptop, if this has been pre arranged. If a machine on-site has been requested, the specs follow:
A projected Win95 or Win98 Pentium PC (more than 256 colors (16 bit or higher) please on the projector ). If it is a small conference room audience, the PC can be connected to a large monitor. The PC should be on the net but not behind a firewall. A 28.8 dial up connection to an ISP is adequate. Speakers and microphone are requested if possible (soundblaster 16 compatible soundcard). If someone can pre-load and test the following software it would be very helpful. I can be reached at +1 831 338 9400 for assistance:

1. Active Worlds (from
2. Onlive Traveler (from )
3. Other virtual worlds as requested
4. Internet Explorer 3.0 or above
5. VRML plug-in for the web browser (cosmo player from )

A VHS VCR is requested for playback on a large screen (sharing the computer projected screen if possible)

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