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Americans in Prague:
Scenes from Prague in the 90s

Prague - Nove Mesto

Views of Nove Mesto (new town) from the Mala Strana side of the Vltava (Moldau) river. On the left is the club and theater called "Novotneho Lafce" where many of the D-Salon events were held. Below this are the houses on Staromeske Namesti (old town square)

View of Staromeske Namesti (old town square) showing the Astrological Clock on the icty hall on the left and ? church in the distance.



"Memorial to the victims of the genocide of Communism" in Vaclavske Namesti (Vaclav's square) the main square of prague. Pictured in this memorial is Jan Palach who burned himself to death following the Prague Spring invasion of 1968. On the list affixed to the cross are the names of those murdered, imprisoned or otherwise persecuted under the former system.
View of the 900 year old Jewish Cemetary in Josephov, a district in Prague

Carriage being refurbished after decades of storage to service the tourist trade.

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