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Americans in Prague:
the Nadace pro Informatiku @
Charles University

Nadace pro Informatiku = "Institute for Computer Science"
a Czech non-profit foundation

This Institute was founded by Bruce Damer and Rudolf Kryl in 1992 and supported by a number of individuals and organizations (Basit Hamid of Elixir Technologies, William Newman, Jonathan Grudin, Peter Polson of ACM CHI, and others). The institute and its projects was described very well by Alan Levy in his Prague Profile of Bruce Damer "visions of a Silicon Castle" published in the Prague Post in 1993. Some more notes below for topics that will be expanded on later and photos of Charles University Math/Physics faculty and activities of the Institute:

Images from the Faculty and Nadace Projects

Svaty Mikolas (Saint Nicolas) church in Mala Strana, as seen from the street approaching Charles Bridge. This is the church that the faculty is connected to. The faculty is housed in a 16th Century formerly Jesuit hostel

The Mathematics/Physics faculty as seen from the square behind Svaty Mikolas


The faculty seen from the main square in Mala Strana
The Komenius Laboratory of "advanced" 486 PCs (1993) as created by the Nadace and funded by donations from Bruce Damer and Basit Hamid of Elixir Technologies Corporation The original machine room at Charles University MFF with old East German/Soviet Robotron 1070 IBM mainframe clone, Bulgarian disk drives and newer western equipment (1992-93). ?, reporter from IDG (?), and Rudolf Kryll
Ruda Kryll opening a special session presented by the Nadace Pavel Plachky (student of the Faculty and Nadace projects, later to join Elixir), Basit Hamid (founder of Elixir), Bruce Damer, Rudolf Kryll and Peter (?)

View from the Charles University Math/Physics Faculty, Mala Strana, Prague. This is the office of Rudolf Kryll, co-founder of the Nadace pro Informatiku
Jiri Fencl connecting a 486 PC to speakers at a student session hosted by the Nadace pro Informatiku and Elixir Technologies Prague Lab.  

See Also: Alan Levy's Prague Profile of Bruce Damer "visions of a Silicon Castle" and the home page of the Charles University Math/Physics faculty.

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