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Americans in Prague:
Scenes from My Life in Prague 1990-1994

Notes and Topics

Scenes from My Life in Prague

Illegally filling up on gasoline without coupons during rationing, early Spring 1990. Pictured: Petr Dupal, Peter Holecek of the Elixir Prague Lab and Eric Searle of Elixir USA

Entrance through the crumbling walls around Hvezda park near my residence and offices at Elixir Prague Hvezda, the local park in Bila Hora, Prague, where I walked almost every day. An early spring day with mothers and Babickas (grandmothers) and their baby strollers

Canoeing and Camping in Southern Bohemia, Summer 1993. Karel Michek (of the Elixir Prague Lab) and Bruce Damer
View from the Charles University Math/Physics Faculty, Mala Strana, Prague. This is the office of Rudolf Kryll, co-founder of the Nadace pro Informatiku Paul Martia, a member of the Beef Stew poets, with myself on Charles Bridge  
Camping buddies in Southern Bohemia, 1993. Favorite passtime of former "Eastern Bloc" Europeans. We are camping and mushroom hunting right on the Czech-Austrian border, former location of tank exercises and land mines.    

Prague Pub Life

Celebrating (well getting really drunk actually) Tuesday afternoons at U Zlateho Tigra with my group of doctor friends (brain surgeons no less!). Above us is Holub, as this his honored and permanent chair at the Stamgast (special guests) table.

Bruce Damer (me) outside U Zlateho Tigra (under the Golden Tiger)


Parties at my House in Prague, Winter 1993-94 and Spring 1994

A special guest dinner with (top of table to right) Ladislav Jahouda, Edit, James Mitchell Lear, Marie Kamenikova, ?, David Freeling and ?

Logging onto the Internet (yes it worked at 2400 baud to CS Bitnet on the East German/Soviet clone mainframe at Charles University!) at my office in my Prague house. Mark Conway at keyboards, Morgan Sowden to left and Scott Sheldon to the right.

Scott Sheldon with (?)

Another dinner evening, left to right: Morgan Sowden, Bruce Damer, Scott Sheldon, Mark Conway and ? Dinner with Beef Stew poets David Freeling, Jim Freeman, ?, ?, ?  

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