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Americans in Prague:
the Elixir Technologies Lab

Notes and Topics

Images of the Elixir Prague Lab

Monday team meeting and a cake for my 31st birthday, January 1993. Left to right: our first assistant (?), David Bares, Petr Dupal, Bruce Damer, Karel Michek.

Elixir Prague Lab, a restored "villa" on a quiet street of Prague 6 (in Bila Hora)


Bruce Damer, Basit Hamid (Elixir's founder) and Frank McGee
  Petr Dupal and Family in Ricany, Left to Right: Peter, Martina, Stephan Van der Bijl (of Elixir USA), Jarka and Petra  
Every good Czech programmer gets his real work done in the local public house! Some Elixir Prague team in Holland, Xplor 1992. Valentine Bereshkov, Stalin's translator from WWII on left, followed by Bruce Damer, David Bares, Petr Dupal, and Karel Michek  

David Bares in my loft apartment above the office in 1992-3

Homemade scanner in the more basic days of Elixir 1990: at the home of Petr Holecek, location of first Elixir Prague Offices

Original Prague Team members at Dobra Cajovna, Prague, June 2001

See these pages for the full story of Elixir and the Prague Lab
see Alan Levy's Prague Profile of Bruce Damer in 1993 which talks about the Elixir Prague Lab and the Steven's Interview of Dec 14, 2001 about the Elixir Prague Lab

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