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Americans in Prague:
the Beef Stew Poets & Readings

Notes and Topics (getting filled out folks)
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Paul Martia and the author of this site, Bruce Damer, Bridge, Spring 1994
Jim Freeman, Mala Strana
See his page at
Beefstew poets Paul Martia and Alan Ward, Bridge, Spring 1994  

Scenes from Beef Stew Readings at Club Radost, 1993-97

Scenes from the "Beef Stew" Sunday night readings at the Club Radost circa 1994. Featured left to right David Freeling, Ed Steussy and ?
  David Freeling poeting forth

Other sightings of Beef Stew Writers

Party at my house with some Beef Stewees, Freeling and Freeman from left, see more images at My Life in Prague

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