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Hawana Park Swaziland
Cybertourist Resort Proposal

Hawana Park Swaziland
Cybertourist Resort Proposal

Hawana Park is a full service resort in the Kingdom of Swaziland, a delightful African country on the border with South Africa. Access to Hawana Park is very easy, as it is a four hour drive from Johannesburg and its International airport.

Experience Authentic Africa

Cybertourism at the heart of Africa

Hawana Park offers unique opportunities for the Cyber Tourist as we are one of the only points in Swaziland to have direct cell phone access to the South African and international telephone system. On-site computer and Internet Access will be offered allowing guests to check their email, use the World Wide Web and a variety of data services.

Experience the Web-CyberSafari
Day safaris to nearby game parks including horse rides and animal tracking can all be captured digitally. Guests can post their pictures to the Hawana Park website and share their adventures with their friends all over the world from their Cyberchalets in the heart of Africa!

For bookings contact owner Bruce Griffiths by email at: or by telephone at:

Views of Hawana Park
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Hawana Park Center

Hawana Park Lodge and dining facilities


View of dam and high Swaziland country

Stay in traditional Swazi beehive huts!

Experience the Heart of Africa
but Stay Connected!

Computer and business services on-site

Wireless telephone, data and television

See you at Hawana Park!

Hawana Park Gateway

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