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South African Safari

In November of 1997 I undertook an adventurous safari in the Kruger park in South Africa. The following is a small gallery of pictures from this dangerous mission. I would like to thank my native guide, Shane Blakebrough, for his self sacrifice and tracking skills (as well as a cool hand with a barbque). See also the pictures of the rhino hunt of May 1998.

Bruce Damer

Kruger Park South Africa: track the game!
Click on the images to get a larger view

Impala: the most common game in the park

The open bushveldt

Wildebeest right by the roadside

Giant terminte mound

Lilacbrested Roller

Vervet monkey family and baby

Two Vervets

Waterbuck with rings on their behinds

Black backed jackal

Blackbellied Korhaan

Kori Bustard

Elephant at dusk

Pair of zebra

Male lion only 2 meters from our car!

The lion's mate

Can you find the hippo?

Baboon crossing the road

A rare Kudu

Beautiful male impala



Great white hunter and native guide

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