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South African Journeys

About Robben Island Prison

A visit to the infamous prison island off the coast of South Africa. Robben Island was home to current South African president Nelson Mandela and many others incarcerated as political and common criminal prisoners during the last 3 decades.

Robben Island is a key site in the political history of this century and is now open as a museum. I hope that this website can serve as a quick tour and background on this important site.

Bruce Damer

A Tour of Robben Island Prison
Click on the images to get a larger view

On the maiden voyage to Robben Island
on the brand new Makana, high speed catamaran service

Leaving Cape Town behind

Table Mountain and the Cape visible from the Makana

A Tour of Robben Island Prison
Click on the images to get a larger view

Greeted by Lionel Davis, former prisoner,
for our tour of the facility

Cell Number Five, Nelson Mandela's residence for almost twenty years


A portrait of Nelson Mandela contributed by child artists

Main communal cell block, where political prisoners often shared accomodations with criminal inmates

View of prison yard from individual cells

Another section for the prison workers

The lime quarries where prisoners broke rock for 13 years

Memorial items in an art exhibit at prisoners' lockers

The traveler and photographer, Bruce Damer, at the work yard in the prison

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