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South African Safari

After flying for 40 hours to South Africa, I spent a hot, bumpy and exhilirating afternoon with newly made friends searching for Rhino in the Northern KwaZulu Nata Province. The next day, I benefited from a well earned case of jet lag and got up to witness an African dawn, much as our ancestors wold have over the past four million years.

Bruce Damer

Tracking Rhino in KwaZulu Natal
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Trackers Tim, Bruce and Ricky

Toyota Landcruiser bushmobile

Finding rhino sign

Eco Patrol searching for poachers

The Lempopo river, bordering the game reserve in Northern KwaZulu Natal

View to the Lempopo Mountainsl

Tortoise on the the bushvelt track

Rhino spotted just off the track!

One brave Tim walking toward the rhino family

A fine specimen of a rare White (square lipped) Rhino, about as far as me and my camera would get to him

Witness an African Dawn in KwaZulu Natal
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Sunrise at 5:30am

A scene familiar to our ancestors for millions of years

The sun and cacophony of birdsong

Thorn tree in the dawn

Last traces of amber on bark

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