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Southern African Journeys

Journey with me through the wondrous natural and human landscapes of Southern Africa. Visit Swaziland for a taste of true Africa, safari through Kruger National Park for the beasts and birds of the bushveldt and Soweto Township at the core of the success or failure of the new South Africa. Next, track a rhino family and witness an African dawn in northern KwaZulu Natal. Swing by Coastal Cape Province and journey through Cape Town, Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope. Take a wine tour through the Cape vineyards. A sobering tour of Robben Island Prison reminds us of history recent and current events involving Nelson Mandela and his former wife Winnie. Finish up with views of memorable regions of Gauteng, Transvaal and KwaZulu Natal provinces.

I would like to thank Shane Blakebrough, Sandra Braman, Timothy Ellis and many others for making these trips both possible, pleasant and truly thrilling and mind expanding experiences.

Enjoy! and feel free to contact me, Bruce Damer, with your comments or questions.


New from Bruce Damer

This souvenire plate of Nelson Mandela was the first item sold
at Nelson's home in Orlando West, Soweto, the very day it opened as a museum.

Yours truly was there, and bought it as they were setting up the tourist items table in the garage. Click here to see this hand made item in more detail.

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