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Hawaii Times 99

Galen and rainbow at Volcano House overlooking the Kilauea Caldera
on the Big Island of Hawaii at Volcanos National Park

From September 10 to the end of the month, Galen and Bruce visited Hawaii, traveling first to Oahu, where we swam Waikiki, toured the Dole pineapple plantation, and ate shave ice with our gracious hosts Sue and Bruce Wilcox. We then flew to Kona on the Big Island where we presented at AllChemical Arts, a conference on the creative process sponsored by Terence McKenna, and then toured Volcanos National Park and assorted lava flows. Next stop Maui, where we stayed with Galen's dear friends David, Jan and Jesse Fisher. Galen stayed on another 10 days on Maui as Jesse is her godson who she had not seen since his infancy. We hope you enjoy these images of our wonderful Hawaii Times 99!

On Oahu

Galen and the Wilcoxes eat Hawaii's best shave ice on the North Shore of Oahu

In Kona, Big Island

Galen in the glow of a Hawaiian sunset with composer Constance Demby

Bruce with Terence McKenna and Robert Venosa

Bruce and Galen at the black sand beach, Puna, Hawaii

Exploring a lava tube and lava flows on the Puna side of the Big Island

Over the volcano: overlooking Kilaeua Caldera

Sea Tortoise at Black Sand Beach, Punalu'u


Our Time on Maui

Arrival: the Fishers take us to their favorite beach.
David, Galen, Jan, Jesse

Galen and Jackson Chamaeleon, Iao National Park

Galen and Jesse crack coconuts chez Fisher

Visiting Job Corps math teacher Jan at work

Surfers (well, boogie boarders) at Paia Bay Beach

At Maui Community College where Galen and Bruce presented on virtual healing and virtual worlds

Aloha from Galen, Bruce and POI

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