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Guardian Study Vacation '81 2001 Twenty Year Reunion!

GSV '81 Reunion in Ontario Canada, June 2001, Picture courtesy Leela MadhavaRau.
GSV reunion 2001 was held at the NOTTAWASAGA INN near Toronto (see for a peek)

Who is present

Back row left to right: Eli Katona (Margaret); Shane Blakebrough; Frederick Lynch

Third Row: Casper Labuschagne (Shane); Bill McEwan (Andree); Michelle Turcotte (Frederick); Theresa Bloomfield; Joanne Bennison (Greg)

Second Row: Leela MadhavaRau; Julie Sacks; Andree McEwan; Sonjia Johansen; Margaret Katona (with Daniel); Greg Lyle (with Elizabeth); David Carter (Leela -- with Naveen)

Front Row: Anjali Carter-Rau (in stroller-Leela); Tyler McEwan(Andree); Sanjay Carter-Rau; Adam McEwan; Rohan Carter-Rau; Clare (Greg)

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