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Guardian Study Vacation 1981

Margaret Muckensturm (Katona)'s Bio Since 1981

The three of us today!

After the GSV, I took a year off before attending college and worked as a teacher's aide for handicapped children. In 1982, a job transfer sent my family to Tampa, Florida, and I attended Eckerd College in St. Petersburg. The following year I decided to transfer to the University of South Florida in Tampa, and graduated in 1986 with a degree in business administration. I spent the Christmas Holiday in 1985 in Edmonton, Lake Louise and Banff Alberta along with Frederick, his friends and Sonjia for a very enjoyable skiing vacation. I also enjoyed showing Shane Disney World during his visit in 1983.

After graduation, I moved back to Toledo, (namely to be with my future husband) and began a program to become a licensed nursing home administrator. I received my license in 1988, and shortly thereafter, realized it was just too depressing and difficult of a business to stay in the rest of my life. I then began working in the non-profit sector, for organizations such as the United Way. My work has mostly been in the fund raising arena. (I jokingly refer to myself as a "professional beggar").

In July 1990, I married my loooong time boyfriend Eli. Julie Sacks was my maid of honor. We moved to the Detroit, Michigan area in 1992, where we remain today. We became parents in May 1999 to our now 14-month old son Daniel. I left my full-time job as the manager of grants and prospect research for the Detroit Historical Society after Daniel's birth. I now work as a freelance grant writer, working out of my home. I am attaching a recent photo of Eli, Daniel and me.

As far as memories from the trip, I like to recall just some of the day-to-day stuff:

- Hearing Dr. Grassi every morning coming down the hallway knocking on everyone's door to wake us all up.

- Dr. Grassi's cries of "Our Ball! Our Ball!" during evening soccer games

- Brown bag lunches with chocolate Penguins

- Singing on the coach

- I certainly remember a long walk in Paris..... right, Frederick?

I look forward to seeing you all next summer.



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