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Guardian Study Vacation '81 Home Page

GSV Instructors, Aids and Participants in front of Queen Victoria's statue at the Founders' Hall, Royal Holloway College, July 1981
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GSV '81 Reunion! In Ontario Canada June 2001
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In July 1981 young people from all over the world came together for the Guardian Study Vacation, hosted by the Manchester Guardian Newspaper and housed at the Royal Holloway College, University of London.

A Twenty Year Reunion for GSV '81 members was held in June 2001. There may be a 25 year reunion at Royal Holloway College itself.

Bios and Personal Histories of People of the GSV '81

See our growing collection of bios and personal histories since and recalling memories of the GSV '81 here:

Gallery of pictures from the GSV 1981

Sonjia's pictures of people at the GSV.

Bruce Damer's pictues and sketches from the GSV and after and his BioLog since 1980
follow this link and see the full set of pictures and sketches

Bruce Damer's Royal Wedding, Paris, sailing trip Sketches by Bruce Damer from Stonehenge, RHC, Longleat

Andree McEwen (nee Corriveau)'s pictures and Bio since 1981

Margaret (Muckensturm) Katona's Picture with her hubby and baby

Portrait of the GSV '81

Click here for list of people present and larger view

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Other Bios.. Leah and Hollis

Leah Dark-Fleury lives in Oakland California, is married to Lawrence Fleury and they have two children Luc, 6 and Henri, 3. Lawrence is a landscape designer and Leah works in San Francisco selling natural stone. She works with architects and designers on residential and commercial projects.

Hollis Train Lives in New Mexico and is married with one son, Paul who is about two.

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