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Guardian Study Vacation - 1981

GSV Instructors, Aids and Participants in front of Queen Victoria's statue at the Founders' Hall, Royal Holloway College, July 1981

Who is present

Back row left to right: Bruce Damer, BC (Canada); William Love, NY; Greg Lyle, BC; Sarah Huntley, ON; Frederick Lynch, AB; Andrew Todd, ON; Chris Whitelaw, ON; Shane Blakebrough, RSA

Second Row: Giles Prirchard, ON; Sarah Kirkpatrick, MB; Sonjia Johansen, SK; John(Jeb) Blount, IL; Theresa Bloomfield, LA; Cy Peck, BC; Lucy Bitature, Uganda; Caroline Cameron, Netherlands

Front Row: Neil Jacques, England; David Sehy, IL; Leah Dark, CA; Hollis Train, CA; Valerie Silverman, NY; Leela Rau, ON; Andree McEwen (Corriveau), ON; Carol Quilliam, AB; Jennifer Stone, IL; Ruth Temple, BC; Lahoriaria Aguenou, France; Margaret Muckensturm (Katona), OH; Julie Sacks, OH; Vicky Smith, ME; Kim Partoll, NJ; Dr Grassi, England; Suzanne McIntrye (Howell), England.

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