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Guardian Study Vacation '81
Bruce Damer's Pictures and Artwork

Bruce Damer's Pictures and Sketches during and following the 1981 Guardian Study Vacation

See the pictures from the UK and Paris portions of the GSV including the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana, and for your interest, what he did afterwards by sailing around the British Isles in a 52 foot two masted Cutty Hunk and traveling around the UK.

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Front gate of Royal Holloway College Princess Diana's Carriage at the Royal Wedding
Paris Hostel Bruce at the Tiller

Bruce Damer's Sketches during the GSV 81

Views of Royal Holloway College Stonehenge
Longleat House Views of the Royal Wedding (from the telly)

Maps of the RHC, Englefield Green and Stratford


Portrait of the GSV '81

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