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Guardian Study Vacation 1981

Shane Blakebrough's Bio Since 1981

OK, so 20 years in three short sentences...

I finished school and went on to get 4 degrees in teaching over the 10 years from 1983. No sooner had I finished my last degree than I left teaching and started my own company in imports of speciality papers into South Africa. This year (2000) I also got back into training and started a company that offers courses in business writing and communication skills.

I got married in 1994 (no kids), and divorced in 1997. Otherwise life in South Africa goes on with many changes in the past few years, but still home for me! I still travel whenever I have the money... and live life to the fullest! I have a new full time "live-in-lover", and if all goes well we will see you all next year!

Date of birth 27th January, my favourite memory was us all getting dressed up to go see "My Fair Lady" in London's West End


083 654 5411 Mobile in South Africa

PS from Bruce, Shane is a superb host especially touring his native South Africa, see the great two trips I took with him in SA in 1997 and 98.


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