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Guardian Study Vacation 1981

Andree McEwen (nee Corriveau)'s Bio Since 1981

I told Margaret that I would need some time to write my bio. It's not that I have a lot to say but more like I thought that given time maybe I could make my bio. sound as interesting and full of adventure as some of the others that I have read. Well I've given it some thought and decided that no amount of time would be enough. I have resigned myself to the fact that I have lived an ordinary and not very adventuresome life over the past twenty years. So here goes?..

I attended McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont. from 1982 - 1986, where I received a Combined Honours BA in Anthropology and Canadian Studies.

I spent the next year at Brock University in St. Catherines, Ont. where I received my B.Ed.

Summer of 1987, I married William (Bill) McEwen and we moved to the concrete jungle of Mississauga where I taught elementary school for two years.

In 1988, we bought a house and moved to the small community of Bolton, Ont.

The following year, I transferred to my present post at an elementary school in Bolton.

In 1991, our first son Tyler was born.

In 1992, we moved ten minutes north of Bolton to a country property in Caledon East.

In August of 1993, our second son, Adam was born.

With the exception of a short trip to England, Portugal and Madeira in 1989 my travelling has been limited to family vacations in and around North America.

My husband, Bill, is plant manager at a Custom Cold Forming facility in Rexdale. The Firms supplies parts to the automotive industry.

When I'm not driving the boys back and forth to the hockey arena, scouts and the local soccer field I can be found tending or planning perennial gardens and a small pond.

I have many fond memories of the summer of 1981; however, the one which stands out most vividly is "The Attack of the Welsh Guys" at the hostel in Paris.

- Andree

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