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Ancient Oaks Farm
Historic images

Historic Images from May-June 1998
while still the Kriz residence

The House - Exterior
house1 house2 house3
house_entrance1 house_entrance2
house_entrance3 porch1 porch2
tub1 tub2 (with Donna Kriz)

The House - Interior
frontroom1 frontroom2 fireplace1
diningroom1 bedroom1a
bedroom1b bedroom1c
tikkiroom1 kitchen1 kitchen2
bathroom1 laundry1 backhall1
backhall2 house_downstairs_bar1

The House Back Yard
backyrd1 (taken by Donna Kriz in the fall)
backyrd2 backyrd3 gameplaza1
firepit1 fountain1

The Barn - Exterior
barnview1 barn1 barn2
barn3 barn4 barn5 barn6
barn7 barn_roadway1
The Barn - Interior
barn_frontroom1 barn_officeup1

The Garage and Greenhouse
greenhouse3 greenhouse2
greenhouse1 garage1

The Upper Meadow
meadow1 meadow2
meadow3 meadow4


mosaic1 mosaic2 mosaic3
mosaic4 mosaic5 mosaic6
mosaic7 mosaic8 mosaic9

The Stage and Stagelot
stage1 stagelot1 stagelot2
stagelot3 stagelot4

Roads, Entrances and Accessways
road1 road2 road3
stairs_by_barn1 wall1

The Back Woods & Other Views
woods1 view1 gardenview



stuff1 horseround1 horsaic


folks1 (Joe and his son)
folks2 (Joe Kriz, the man who built up the place since 1967)
tub2 (with Donna Kriz, who raised 6 kids on the property with her husband Joe)


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