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Galen Gallery

On June 18, 1999, Galen Brandt moved to the "farm" here at Ancient Oaks
This page is devoted to our celebration of our new lives together!
Also see Galen's Homepage to explore more of her work

Galen is here! Galen and Min, movin in with 39 boxes
Galen by the stage where she will be performing many a warm summer night Galen in the Grapes, sun loving and now convinced (temporarily) that California has it
Galen and Min on patrol Galen and her special place in the sun
Galen with the new kittens, day one Galen and her guy Bruce
at the recent wedding of Marni and Eric
Galen and vacationing family,
visiting DigiGarden @ Ancient Oaks in July 1999
New tomatoes from the greenhouse as picked by Alexander and James, July 1999

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