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Rotary Rocket Rollout: Pre-Rollout Party

rotary rocket

The Pre-Rollout Party

Rotary Rocket hosted a fabulous pre-rollout party on Marc 1, 1999 for 700 invited guests and the media. We interviewed a number of people, notably Lee Weaver, who worked on the design of Skylab, the International Space Station, and specializes in extra vehicular operations (EVA). Bob Glass, my neighbor, who works for Lee at Weaver Aerospace, hosted us for the rollout. During the interview with Lee I met and shook hands with Pete Conrad, who flew Gemini, walked on the Moon with Apollo 12 and commanded the first Skylab, including the repairs to the meteor shield effected with the canopy designed by Lee. All in all it was a memorable time.

Pictures of the Pre-Rollout Party
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9:00am: Arrival of Tom Clancy in his learjet

A warm welcome to over 700 guests
in the work facility

The exhibit of Weaver Aerospace, contractor for the airlock and EVA facitlities for the Roton

Dr. Bob Glass of Weaver Aerospace

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