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Rotary Rocket Rollout: Roton ATV Post-Rollout: Touching the Roton

rotary rocket

The Audience: Touching the Roton

The audience fo the rollout of the Roton Atmospheric Test Vehicle was highly diverse, ranging from: financiers, government beurocrats, rocket and other systems engineers, hippies, kids, space buffs, amateur rocket scientists, science fiction and thriller writers, hollywood movie stars, straight up military personnel, and cyberspace dudes like me.

Pictures of the Post-Rollout
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The crowd gathers around
the Roton ATV

Closeup of the Roton ATV with the crowd reflected in the crew compartment cover

The team, left to right: a flight engineer, Tom Clancy, Garry Hunt, Rick Tumlinson, and another flight engineer

Burt Rutan's Scaled Composit team, who designed and built the body of the Roton ATV

Author Tom Clancy interviewed following the Roton ATV rollout

Jerry Pournelle at the rollout

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