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Oh, yes we can!
(cantaloupe, get it?)

Oh, yes we do!

For the whole story..

Click here for the special event of September 7th, 2003!

(more pictures here too)

View all five celebrations in which we shared our experience with family and friends!!
(celebration #1 was a private one for Galen's family in LA, Sept 2003)

Galen and Bruce's New Jersey wedding celebration (#2)
(Nov 2, 2003)

Galen and Bruce's Vancouver wedding celebrations (#3, #4)
(Nov 15-16, 2003)

Galen and Bruce's Boulder Creek wedding celebration (#5
) (Nov 22, 2003)

Post-elopement/wedding and some more recent photos of Galen and Bruce

Galen in "bank photo" right
after our elopement/wedding (sept 2003)

Bruce in "bank photo" right
after our elopement/wedding (sept 2003)
Bruce and Galen during a CBS
TV taping at Ancient Oaks Farm
(July 2004)
Bruce and Galen in the Digibarn
(July 2004)

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Bruce at Cedar Lake Wedding Ceremony

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