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This is our last Burning Man! If you are interested why, read
Galen's original 1999 essay Burning Man Burning Heart, and Bruce's new essay Burning Man, In Memoriam

Enjoy this last Playa experience with us by clicking on the pictures below to visit each of the themes.


Photos by Bruce Damer and June Harman

Galen and Bruce

The Palenque Norte "Playalogues"

Our Camp!

(at First Camp)

Back to
Burning Man
All Years

First Camp

(talking with Larry Harvey!)

Friends met on the Playa

Center Camp Cafe
The Man and He Burns-Twice!

The Temple & burn

Crude Awakening & burn
Big Rig Jig

Playa Days

Playa Nights


The Monkeys!

Some short movies
I shot at BM 2007
Art Bus Tour of Playa

Clan Destiny

(Santa Cruz Camp)

Exodus... goodbye!


Maps of Burning Man 2007

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