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Douglas Adams on the Playa

Douglas Adams
in the Mausoleum at Burning Man 2001

The Mausoleum

I want to let you know about something very special that happened to us at the Burning Man festival (an art/radical self expression event held by 25,000 intelligent people in the Black Rock desert of Nevada each summer). Galen and I were walking on the "playa" as the flat lakebed is known and we came across this year's most poignant art installation, the Mausoleum, a two story jigsaw puzzle wooden pagoda created by an artist who lost both his wife and his artistic partner the previous year. This installation was swarming with people, some crying. The purpose of the installation was to allow people to inscribe names of loved ones lost on the jigsaw puzzle pieces of the structure or on wooden blocks. On the final night of the festival, this structure was to be burned, sending tens of thousands of messages to the spirits of those departed. In the very heart of the structure was an altar on which the main repository of signed wooden blocks was placed.

Closeup of Douglas' dedication

You can imagine the feeling I had when I noticed that wrapped around that altar was a colored cloth (a towel, what else?) with Douglas Adams' name inscribed there, dedicating the altar to him. This honoring of Douglas by some kind, thoughtful soul, rekindled my feelings for what happened and motivated me to capture this for the record.

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