Bruce Damer's
Big Blowout of Burning Man 2000

  Blowing Man, the first four days of Burning Man 2000  


Storms raging down the Play from Gerlach

Panoramic view of hte entire playa with the obliterated Burning Man on the left limb
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Galen, oh where is Emerald City (camp)? Can you fly there?

Bruce calling Emerald City, and other camps to tell them exactly when (to the second) to expect gusts, nice to "play God" in comfort to the poor souls below

Now you see it, now you don't, gusts up to 70Mph savaging Burning Man 2000, ripping up camps, installations and freying nerves. Burning Man radio stations announce the cancellation of all performances, pyrotechnical especially. "Don't breath the gypsum dust" they implore.

  The All Clear  

Whew, by Friday the 1st of September it is "all clear", or is it? Storm cell overhead! And warnings not to stand under anything metal at risk of death.
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