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Bruce and Galen's
Wedding and subsequent events

Some key documents and writings around our betrothal
and celebrations

Senior's Wedding Ceremory

(which we used part of, getting senior anyway ;-)

Menu at Boulder Creek Wedding

From the wonderful kitche of Jia

Writings transmitted in from afar: David Traub

Dear Bruce and Galen,
Dear Galen and Bruce...

Like the spruce (or cousins) that surround your barn
Like the beautiful mountains that protect your shared dream from harm
The warm of friendship that surrounds you today is the smile from above...

That acknowledges the goodness of humans that care
Of genious's and muses and visionaries truly fair
Of lovely, intentional humans, intentional in creation, intentional in love...

Brilliant in both autonomous and complimentary ways
Crazy in the out of the box confidence that resonates with Darwin's ways
Finding each other as partners in a harmony that insures innate security

Of sharing the adventure, both good and bad, that are together life's
The knowing of collaboration, familiarity and trust, this lack typically the
pioneers desecration
A rocket ship spanning the history of silicon and brilliance, into future
with surity

Dear partners in the most organic of Digital Space
Might you receive my love and respect, integrated with that of the rest of
the family, from across the Atlantic ocean's grey, turbulent face
Massive congratulations for taking the leap into deeper partnership, into the

Of knowing what the other shall say before the slightest mouthed twist
Of feeling sale to know, that in times of stress and sick, you are not at risk
Congratulations on learning Azimov's secret - that we are truly best here

And congratulations on a most successful life as witnessed by... we witnesses
For in the depth and breadth of friendships are your human qualities shown
and indexed
You are both wealthy beyond belief -- and even more, hereafter, anytime and
Because of the amazing, wonderful, honest, kind, brilliant, hopefull,
generous, lucky and open people you both are.. forever, forever, forever...

Love from Southern Sweden, David (wish I could be there!)

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