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Bruce and Galen's
Wedding Party #3 and #4, in Vancouver, BC, Canada

(Nov 14-17, 2003)

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Ceremony at the Harman's

Nov 15, 2003, Vancouver BC, Canada

Cake Cutting

Nov 15, 2003, Vancouver BC, Canada

The families meet!

Nov 15, 2003, Vancouver BC, Canada
Ceremony at Margaret's

November 16, 2003
Vancouver BC, Canada
Setting up for the Event

Arriving in Vancouver

And the Sylvia Hotel

Big Family Dinner

November 14, 2003

More Family Meetings
and other goings-on in Vancouver

More views of the families meeting

The Monday After

Nov 17, 2003

Sunday morning.. families depart!

Historic Family Photos

Meeting Jeremy Turner & gang

Opening our seed account in Vancouver

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