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Bruce and Galen's
Wedding Party #1, at Cedar Lake New Jersey

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The Event

BIG DAY (arrivals)

Nov 2, 2003, Cedar Lake NJ

BIG DAY (ceremony)

Nov 2, 2003, Cedar Lake NJ

BIG DAY (following the ceremony)

Nov 2, 2003, Cedar Lake NJ
The Morning After

Nov 3, 2003
Setting up for the Event

110 Cedar Lake West

(Galen & Bruce's East Coast homestead)

Inviting the Cedar Lake residents!


November 1-2, 2003
Where the Event was held

Views of the Comptons

Views of the Cedar Lake Community

Walking tour of Rock Ridge Lake,
New Jersey

Leafy walk at Cedar Lake, Nov 6 2003

Great Blue Heron at Cedar Lake
Nov 6 2003

Leafy walk at Cedar Lake, Nov 7,2003

Lunar Eclipse from Cedar Lake
Nov 8 2003

Second day of Melissa and Adam's new arrivals from Liberia
at Cedar Lake, Nov 8, 2003

One last look at the wedding decorations!

Contributed pictures from
Adam dePrince

Morning Glory at Cedar Lake
on Galen's 50th birthday


Galen dancing to "I'm going to be 50!"
(MPG 3.5MB)

Contributed pictures from
Margaret Liebig

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