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Bruce and Galen's trip to Thailand
December, 2003

The best pictures of our trip, click on the categories below for full albums...

Bangkok and Environs

Our home in Bangkok: Duongjit School

The Reclining Budda in Bangkok

Great Wats of Bangkok

Night river trip to Oriental Hotel

Jim Thompson's house in Bangkok

Elephant ride in Ayutthaya

Family picnic in Ayutthaya

Wat in Ayutthaya
Ayutthaya Market

Ayutthaya Crafts Museum -
Thai Houses

Visit to Snake Farm

Visit to Golden Budda

Chedi on the mountain

(scenes from Middle Earth)

Suan Pakkan Palace

Visit to Thai artist
Phra Pathom Chedi
largest in Thailand!

To the Oriental Hotel, Bangkok!

A Gallery of Thai Houses
  Trip to Chiang Mai,
Northern Thailand

The River Ping Palace in Chiang Mai

Life in a Hmong Village

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