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Garden Project @ Ancient Oaks
Spring-Summer 2003

The following pictures tell the story of the creation of the Ancient Oaks Garden project. This project was successfully completed by Tim Smith, Marshall and the fine folks at Dogs In Deer Out. Also check out the Big Fence Project that started after the garden project was done.

Big Production from the "Beta Garden"

Tomato Production!

Gourd Harvest!

New: Garden Results! July-August 2003

Preparation of the ground, May 14, 2003

Final Preparation and putting up the fence posts, May 15, 2003

First views of the completed fence

Staining and sealing the fence prior to wire being applied, and some other views of the completed fence

Views of the finished fence!


Preparation of the "Crop Circle" garden with volunteer gourds, pumpkins and melons

Manure delivery and tractoring by the Eddie Ranch and our neighbor Frank Robbins

Preparation of the first bed and layout of the whole lower garden

Collection and delivery of pig manure to the new composting area

Front barn area Ice Plant project

First planting and watering

Second bed construction

Third bed constructed!

Thanks Jim Rintoul

Building the Hexagon and building
bed #4 and planting

Big preparatory burn on the area for the lower garden
December 3, 2002

Also check out the Big Fence Project that started after the garden project was done


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