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Lark in the Morning Music Celebration 2001

A Lark 2001 Photo Album with love from Bruce Damer and Galen Brandt
(all photos by Bruce Damer and free to use by all Larkees, credit appreciated and a link to

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  1. Arrival and first impressions
  2. Greek class and more
  3. Scenes from the night at camp 1
  4. General scenes of life at Lark
  5. Camp 2 and swap meet
  6. Just folks
  7. People, places, sounds
  8. The Banquet and finale

Dedicated to Mickie, Beth and all the fine folks who brought us Lark in the Morning Music Celebration 2001
Your help in identifying who is who in these images would be appreciated!
Contact me, Bruce Damer with any clues!

Brought to you by
Lark in the Morning music store, Mendocino California

Visit the Lark in the Morning Website



Views of the store in Mendocino California after Lark 2001

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