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Ancient Oaks Farm
how to get here

Quick Directions to: 221 Ancient Oaks Way, Boulder Creek, CA 95006

Note that we may not be on some online mapping services as our street was recently named but you can find us on Mapquest by clcking here. If your favorite service doesn't find us try looking up the old street number of 14733 Bear Creek Road, Boulder Creek, CA 95006.

1. If you are coming from Santa Cruz, Monterey or the local area in the San Lorenzo Valley, get to Highway 9 north (from Highway 1, Graham Hill Road or any other means). Drive through Felton, Ben Lomond and Brookdale and then come to Boulder Creek. Pass through town (and the one stop sign) and turn right onto Bear Creek Road and follow the directions in 4 below.

2. Non scenic route from the Bay Area: 280 or 101 or 880 south to 85 south toward 17 south (or any way you can get to 17 south towards Santa Cruz). Travel through Los Gatos on 17 and then up into the mountains and as you are passing the Lexington reservoir on the left exit Bear Creek Road on the right and turn left onto Bear Creek Road and travel for just over 11 miles up to the top of the mountain and then down into the Bear Creek valley. Next look for Ancient Oaks Way on the right (just past Hopkins Gulch which you will see on the right and then Oso Viejo which you will see on the left). Go to step 4 below.

3. Scenic route from the Bay Area (SF and north): Golden Gate/SF to 280 south and exit 92 west and follow the service road to 92 and turn right toward half moon bay but turn south on 35 at the top of the ridge and travel all the way down skyline drive (35) past Skylonda (where route 84 crosses 35) and keep going on 35 down to Highway 9, turn toward Boulder Creek (west). Travel down 9 until you see the "Boulder Creek population" sign then turn left on Bear Creek road and go about a mile until you see the Scout Camp on the right and then Ancient Oaks Way will come up after a curve on your left. You will turn left onto Ancient Oaks and then follow the directions in 4 below.

Sign at entrance to Ancient Oaks Way

4. Turn up Ancient Oaks Way and after 200 yards or so turn left just past the big cactus and enter the "lower gate" by the barn and drive up past the barn and continue up under the trees into the parking area behind the house. Someone will hear you or you can come up and knock on the back door or if you see people when you drove past the back of the barn, just come on down.

The office line phone here is 831 338 9400 if you are lost. The town of Boulder Creek is just a mile further down on highway 9 (keep going on Bear Creek Road west and turn left or continue south on Highway 9 depending on which way you came above) and there are pay phones if your cell phone is not working even there.

See more about Ancient Oaks Farm here and the DigiBarn Computer Museum here and the NoFurthur art bus project here.

See you here!

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