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Fall & Winter
@ Ancient Oaks Farm

Views of Fall and Winter

Views of Fall and Winter

Leaf on Redwood needles, sure sign it is Fall!

Glowing colors through the maple Copper hued maple leaves
Maple and ornamental plum from below Teahouse view after a rain
Yellowing fronts of ??? Maple and Redwood
Ancient Oaks view from the upper road Back yard with teahous and redding maple
View of back of property from barn roof Teahouse view again

Fall 2002 Views

Winter Descends

Copper leaves at start of Winter Glorious Winter Sunset
Creek rages during a heavy storm
conduits and my trench coursing carry most
Lawn (and gopher) are flooded out
during incessant rains this area is known for

Snow at Ancient Oaks! Views from Winter 2001

Working Farm

Felling dead and diseased trees The biggest burns of 99


Bob and Preston pruing the fruit trees and cypress (boy did they need it!)

New Years in the New Millennium
Sowing the back meadow with Fava Beans, Vetch, Rye and Wildflowers
See what came up

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