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Fall & Winter
@ Ancient Oaks Farm

Bringing in the Harvest

A Harvest of Fruits, Nuts, and Vegetables

Galen harvesting our glorious Early Girl tomatos.. all year!

Varigated apples hang heave Red delicious in copious quantities
More delicious off the bough Apples galore in '99
Apples on the vine.. boy is pruning needed! Mouintain pears in huge sizes
Green oranges ready for winter ripening Grapefruit growing full in fall
Nuts or what?? Thompson's seedless hanging on the vine
Grapes on the deck waiting for birds Dread blackberries make sweet offerings and pies!

Deer consuming our apples (fallen and rotting best to his taste)

Produce of the Greenhouse

Squash flower Squash results
More squash Basil plant that never stopped giving
Early Girl tomatos on the vine Ripening
Tomatos produced.. till March! Questionable plant?

Gopher Purge guards the area below the greenhouse

Products of the greenhouse and orchard Almond trees producing for the squirrels
Shrooms to eat? Shrooms definitely not to eat!

Fruit ready for cold storage

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