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Fall & Winter
@ Ancient Oaks Farm

Late Bloomers

A Cornucopia of Flowers, Fall 1999

Magnificent Magnolia

Terra Cotta Pot-o-Petunias Petunia View
??? ???
??? ???
More Petunias Bugenvillia
Naked Ladies in front of the barn Naked Ladies by the house
Magnolia Up Close Magnolia getting set to bloom


Sweet Pea Yellow Rose before the deer got it!
A Rose in Summer Sunflower in the fall before gophers got it!
Cactus apples Sheen of new cactus leaf
Big cactus bloom Italian Cypress towering above apples


Cacti in pot and in bloom

Holly ready for christmas Oleander in bloom in late fall
Oleander by the back road Thistle by the horse stalls at the barn
Mint in bloom on the back road Thistle in seed

Century plant blooming and attacting hummingbirds Century plant towers

Succulent flowering (top) and Ice Plant cometh (bottom) ??? in the Zen garden

The Oaks at Ancient Oaks

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