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Weddings held at
Ancient Oaks Farm
and elsewhere

See our Recent Ancient Oaks Weddings

Galen and Bruce get married
(on September 7, 2003 - but not at Ancient Oaks)
See their wedding celebrations including one at Ancient Oaks here.

Images of the wedding of Marni Jaime and Eric Geis
at Ancient Oaks
(June 19, 1999)
Images of the wedding of Lee Gilmore and Ron Meiners at Ancient Oaks (October 21, 2000)

Sally Kriz and Bill Convis' wedding at Ancient Oaks

(June 11, 1988)

Other Weddings I have documented
(not held at Ancient Oaks)

The wedding of Marian Sun McNamee and Allan Lundell
(Capitola, California USA, Jan 1, 2007)

An Irish Wedding, in New Ross, County Wexford

Galen's newfound relations (August 2002)

Sue and Jim Rintoul
, Boulder Creek/Felton California, USA September 2001

Janka and Tomasi
, CyberSpace, wedding in Alphaworld, July 1996

I also documented the wedding of my sister Susan Damer and Rick Turner
about 15 years ago, pictures to appear here some day.

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