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Events held at Ancient Oaks Farm
the wedding of

Sally Kriz and Bill Convis

June 11, 1988

Images of the wedding of Sally Kriz and Bill Convis
at Ancient Oaks (June 11, 1988)

These photos were taken when Ancient Oaks was home to the Kriz Family.
I would like to thanks Sally Kriz-Convis for providing these photos.

The ceremony
The musicians
The dinner
Close up of the dinner
The band

Sally Kriz-Convis's description of Ancient Oaks and the Wedding of 1988

The first couple are of the gazebo, before the tree fell on it, and took out most of the grape vines. I also have some older ones of before the roof was on it, not sure what you are looking for.

We had a quartet playing music while everyone was being seated (on the grass and on the Indian bowling ball playing field, in front of the gazebo). The second set of pictures are of how we set up the tables and my receiving line (in front of the rose arch).

The third set of pictures are of the band area, and our seating in front of the back board. The food was all lined up next to the creek on the farside (we had Zanatto's cater, they were great).

Under the grape arbor (where all the green slate is, we had our cake and extra tables for those wanting a quieter surroundings). The bar was setup for the kids to have icecream and earlier in the morning we had setup donuts and coffee down there. We had parking and extra outhouses up were the horse pens were (there was an arena area when you moved in). We also used our neighbors yards, (with permission) for parking and ended up with about 300 guests. John's wedding the next spring, was closer to 100 and we had sufficient parking on our property then to handle it. We just let everyone know to carpool when they could. They also had a BBQ and band. I think that was what apealed to them about the garden area. Plus the view of the guests looking that direction is beautiful. Looking over the barn roof and the mountains in the distance was nice.

My dad had started building the band area about 7 years before my wedding, because I had a band there for my graduation in 83'. So most of the embedded tile work was done prior to that date. In fact I have a picture of my sister and her son (who is now 23, sitting on top of the two roosters, and you can see the grape arbors (with the wisteria growing).

June was my best month for the wedding, because most of the flowers were in bloom. We had to check lighting for pictures at the time of day (it was 11am for the wedding), and the sun was in just the right position to shed too much light over us, that is why we added that white scarf over the entrance to the gazebo. We had put white paper down going down the stairs, but it kept blowing up in our faces, so I would not recommed doing that again.

The sign for Bill and Sally's wedding
found 14 years later by current owner Bruce Damer

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