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Ancient Oaks Farm Beginnings
Blessing and Christening 8/8/98

The neighbors and friends welcoming Ancient Oaks
into the Boulder Creek Community

(click on them to see a larger view)

Tony and Nicolas DeVarco, Bonnie DeVarco, Stephanie Sutton and Sun Marian McNamee by the back court with the Barn in view

Dominic Sagolla, Bonnie with her Geometry under the arbor at the back of the house

Renata Funke, Lisa Leonard and Phillis Mayfield at the stage

The Circle Ceremony

Renata Funke, Dominic Sagolla, Phillis, Tony DeVarco

Jim Essex, Phillis Mayfield, Renata Funke, flowers in the center

Big screen on the Avatars98 conference hall, as shown in the Sanctum Sanctorum

Roberta McPherson and her husband Fred. Roberta conducted a native indian smudging with wild sage.

Sun McNamee, Patrick, Nick Herbert, Allan Lundell, and friend

Gifts left in the house


August 7, 1998
To all dearest and closest friends of the spirit..
At 11:00am tomorrow (Saturday) will be a blessing and christening of the as yet unnamed new community space I now call "The Farm". Let us give it a million beginnings, fill it with a vast imagination of the future and bless it as a new pillar for our community.

Incense, music, geometries, banners, virtual worlds, dance, words, wisdom, wishes..


For those who cannot make it, there will be a larger event there in the near future.

PS: Thanks DOM

People Present at the ceremony

Bruce Damer, James Essex, Lisa Leonard, Allan Lundell, Marian Sun McNamee, Phillis Mayfield, Roberta and Fred McPherson, Dominic Sagolla, Melinda Connor, Bonnie and Tony DeVarco and their son Nicolas, Phillis from Penny Slinger's, Phillis Mayfield, Renata Funke, Dusty and Joie, Anita Roy Dobbs and Eddy, JJ and Laurie Webb, Stephanie Sutton, Patrick Flanagan and others

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