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Event held at Ancient Oaks Farm
for Avatars98

On November 21, 1998 Ancient Oaks played host as one of 40 nodes worldwide to..

Inside Cyberspace and Everywhere

Stuart Gold, chief architect of the Avatars98 hall in Active Worlds,
tirelessly at work to put finishing touches on the exhibition area

Avatars98 was first major international conference held inside cyberspace.

In this groundbreaking event, graphical avatar virtual worlds hosted thousands of people in the world's first true cyberconference complete with exhibits, speakers, webcasts, educational and entertainment experiments, art shows and avatar awards, and a debut of new technologies never seen before on the net. At the same time, there were be dozens of physical locations around the planet where people gathered and jacked in to this new reality. It all happened on and around November 21st, 1998.

Ancient Oaks served as an unofficial conference headquarters and hosted discussions, the webcast bridge the the ECafe Santa Monica, KIASMA the Contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki and forty other physical locations worldwide.

Read the full conference report or take a look at the images of the event held at CyberGarden.

Images of the Avatars98 as seen by attendess at Ancient Oaks
(we are missing many folks who were there, please forgive us)

Shots of In-World events and tireless hosts


Camera shot of avatars viewing the folks at Ancient Oaks viewing them!

View of the crowds at AV98 ground zero

Astonishing screen shot of a screen shot of the webcast from the ECafe Santa Monica with embedded shot of their view of AV98 ground zero, all within the webpage embedded in the AV98 Active Worlds browser. All worlds within worlds and running on two 28.8 modem connections.

Bruce Damer, Digigardener himself at the captain's chair during the 40 hour shift (early in the shift as you can tell)


Steve DiPaola, one of the key members of the original Onlive team that brought us Traveler,
engaging a rapt audience in the Boulder Traveler World about the story behind Traveler

Avatars on the big screen inside Ancient Oaks Sanctum Sanctorum

Closeup of a talking tiger in the Boulder world as seen in the Sanctorum

GailAnn in-world and on-screen at AV98

Another view of the big screen in the sanctorum


People and discussions at the Ancient Oaks inside and out

Dave Marvit and Bruce Wilcox outside in the arbor area in discussion with Ron Britvich about where worlds are and where they are going

Ron Britvich, creator of the original AlphaWorld and Active Worlds technologies

Avatars98 chief architect Stuart Gold

Stuart Gold II, video documentarian of the event and Digital Burgess participant

Lynn Macias, producer of the very first conference on avatars, Earth to Avatars 96

Camilla Vitale, Secretary of the Contact Consortium


Dave Marvit, co-founder of Worlds, Inc. and a judge in the 1998 Avvy Awards

Sue Ki Wilcox, Avatar expert and judge in the 1998 Avvy Awards

Friend of the garden enjoying this year's orange crop (soon to be frozen out)

Conference Chair Bruce Damer in lucid moments

Strike up the band! The party gets going in-world and in-garden!

Party goes on to all hours inside the house

Janaka playes triple vessel flute with the Josh Young band of L.A. on stage at Ancient Oaks

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