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The Plants & Trees
of Ancient Oaks Farm


Vegetable Gardens and Fruit Trees at Ancient Oaks Farm

Views of the Big Redwood Grove at Ancient Oaks Farm
(taken by Galen, June 2005)

Ancient Oaks Garden bears results!
(May-June 2003)

See our photo album of Trees and Plants at Ancient Oaks (March 2003)

Significant Flowers at Ancient Oaks Farm

Orignal red roses and other plant photos taken in May of 1998:

orange1 orange2 rose1 rose2
flower1 (Dicentra formosa, "Pacific Bleeding Heart" or other)
flower2 (Possibly an Iris)
flower3 (Digitalis purpurea, "Foxglove")
flower4 (White form of Digitalis purpurea)
flower5 (Aster novi-belgii, Possibly "Long Blue")
bbrush1 (Callistemon species)
cactus1 (Opuntia)
oldtree1 (Might be an old apple or oak tree)

Calla Lillies
At Ancient Oaks, 2003

May yello roses at Ancient Oaks, 2003

New Work in Progress:
Ice plant and cacti cover the terraces around the barn and firepit area and by the new fence
A Zen garden has been created in the front of the house

Planting of a new organic garden
for vegetables below the greenhouse and in the hot walker is in progress

A verge hedge of bamboo is growing along the front of the house in the new plaza area

Identification of plants (including Latin names) courtesy Jon Singer

Survey of All Trees at Ancient Oaks Farm

Great redwood ring stands
at Ancient Oaks, 2003

Wendy, arborist for the San Lorenzo Valley communities, payed us a visit on November 14, 1998 and left us this wonderful survey of the many trees at Ancient Oaks:

Three large Redwood rings, several specimen Redwoods
5 mature Quercus agrifolia, a dozen seedlings (Coast Live Oak)
1 Juglans hindsii (Hinds Walnut)
3 Olea europaea (European Olive)
6 Malus sylvestris (Wild or Crab Apple)
2 Pyrus communis (Pear)
2 Prunus domestica (Plum)
5 Prunus dulcis
1 Prunus cerasifera (Purple Leaf Plum)
Juglans regia (on J. hindsii rootstock creating a single grafted walnut from two trees)
1 Juglans hindsii
8 Cupressus sempervirens (Italian Cypress)
2 Magnolia grandiflora (Magnolia)
1 Ilex species (Holly)
1 Citrix x paradisi (Grapefruit)
2 Citrus sinensis (Orange)
2 Cedrus deodora (Deodor Cedar)
2 Pinus cerasifera (Purple Leaf Plum)
15 Pinus radiata (Monterey Pine)
1 Almond
2 Salix (Willow)
1 Peach
1 Prunus cerasus (?)


see our new photo gallery from
four seasons in the gardens

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