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About Ancient Oaks Farm

History, Animals, Plants
  • The Lay of the Land at Ancient Oaks Farm
  • Events, images and projects at Ancient Oaks (1998-present)
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  • Plants & Trees of Ancient Oaks Farm
  • Animals of Ancient Oaks Farm
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  • The Lay of the Land at Ancient Oaks Farm

    Ancient Oaks Farm History Pages

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    Scenes from the Gardens

    Fall and Winter Spring and Summer

    Aerial and Satellite Views

    Ben's treetop view of Ancient Oaks Farm
    (Sept 2006)

    See this fabulous aerial photo of Ancient Oaks courtesy Air Photo Inc.
    Photo is circa September 1998

    Google maps (2003) whole view

    Google maps (2003) core farm view

    From-orbit images wrapped on 3D models from Geofusion, Inc. Imagery courtesy of Aerials Express.

    Satellite image taken in 2001 courtesy of EarthViewer (now Google Earth)

    Weddings held at Ancient Oaks

    Other Events at Ancient Oaks Farm

    On Stage at Ancient Oaks!

    and other events, images and projects from 1998-present

    News stories mentioning Ancient Oaks Farm

    A Fluidiom Perspective on Digital Biota 3,
    by Karl Erickson
    which mentions and pictures his stay at Ancient Oaks (Fall 1999)

    Story from Click Magazine, May 2001

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