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Bruce Damer
Bruce Damer

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Brief bios and publicity images for Bruce Damer
A BioLog (a biographical travelogue) since 1980
Bruce's Curriculum Vitae can be found here
Bruce can deliver speaking and educational programs
Bruce has been speaking extensively since 1995
Audio/video of Bruce's speeches
Recent media coverage of Bruce's work
Bruce has an archive of nonfiction writings, interviews and press coverage
Bruce has written some fiction, including some poetry, some short stories and opinion pieces
Bruce has written and published a book Avatars!
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Bruce is President and CEO of The Digital Space Commons
Bruce is founder and co-director of the Contact Consortium
Bruce is engaged in research and events with and
Bruce is hosting discussions on the early Christian period at

Other stuff

Bruce is Curator and co-founder of the DigiBarn Computer Museum
Bruce is Farmer Bruce at Ancient Oaks farm and garden near Santa Cruz

Bruce is an artist and garment designer in the CyberWearz project on the art bus NoFurthur on The Farm
There is an extensive Image Gallery of Bruce's recent projects and travels with Galen Brandt
For more background on Bruce's prior work see the Elixir Story

Availability for Speaking
Bruce Damer is
available to present keynote addresses, other conference sessions, and full and half day educational seminars and tutorials. His company, DigitalSpace Corporation also offers a full line of virtual world design services. Mr. Damer has extensive speaking, project brainstorming, and course instruction experience, providing numerous conference, and in-house corporate and university programs annually. Please see Speaking and Educational Programs for more information feel free to contact Bruce Damer via this form.

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