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Dr. Bruce's Levity Zone
Dec 31, 2012: Dr.Bruce's Levity Zone podcast and rich media site launches!

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Current Active Projects

I am lead researcher on The EvoGrid project and editing the upcoming book "Genesis Engines".

I led my company DigitalSpace Corporation for a decade simulating and designing the future of space exploration for NASA.

I founded and curate the DigiBarn Computer Musuem. one of the world's leading resources on the history of the computer revolution.

I have dabbled in high tech fashion design at Cyberwearz Garments.

I am a frequent participant and presenter at Burning Man. See my 1999-2012 Burn pages

I am a frequent and enthusiastic speaker and offer a wide variety of talks. See my recent news interviews & stories, and
current CV and publications.

With Stanford University I am a collector of historical virtual artifacts for the Virtual Worlds Timeline, the origins, evolution and future of the virtual worlds medium

I was the agent for the Timothy Leary archives and currently maintain the Leary Library/News Archive and other archives from the counterculture.

I am a keen traveler and shutter-bug
! Find some of these photos in this Big Photo Gallery.

Older Projects

The Blueprint for a of America (Wikispaces). Interview on KSCO here and on Facebook under Radical Remake.

written in 1997, relevant to the Avatar revolution of today!

Dr.Bruce's coverage of SpaceShipOne
(June 2004)

The new NoFurthur
Bus Studio rolls forward at
Ancient Oaks!

Weird Machines!

(Dr.Bruce's art from 1977-80)

Greetings from
Ancient Oaks Farm

animals, plants and more!
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